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    Product LifeCycle Vs. SDM
    What’s the Difference between Product Lifecycle Management and Specification Data Management™?
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    Specification Data Management (SDM™) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) share similarities, but the two terms are far from interchangeable. By definition, PLM software is a repository of data used in the design and manufacturing process of a product throughout its lifecycle — development, rollout, growth, stability, and decline. The idea behind using PLM software is…

    Sustainability in Supply Chain Image
    Supply Chain Sustainability: What Every Business Should Know
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    Companies pushing toward sustainability often start by examining and improving their own internal processes. However, a recent report from CDP found that a company’s supply chain creates 5.5 times more greenhouse gas emissions than they do in-house. There are big opportunities for companies to become more sustainable by directing their focus to elements beyond their…

    2020 Best Places to Work Specright
    Specright Honored in Built In LA’s Prestigious Best Places Work for List in 2020
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    Irvine, CA January 13, 2020 — Specright today announced it is included in Built In LA’s list of Best Small Companies to Work for in Los Angeles in 2020. Specright was also named to the Best Perks & Benefits list. Companies are selected by Built in LA based on data submitted by companies and their…

    Open Farm Field Sustainability Graphic SDM
    Uncover Sustainability Opportunities with Specification Data Management™
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    Many companies don’t have a solid understanding of the relationship between their supply chain and sustainability, or an easy way to identify opportunities to improve both. However, a DNV GL-Business Assurance survey revealed that 86 percent of companies feel mounting pressure from stakeholders and consumers to investigate how they can make every stage in their…

    Sustainability SDM Field Image
    3 Ways Specification Data Management™ (SDM™) Promotes Sustainability
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    Every piece of the supply chain is affected by big data. One estimate by IBM suggests that we will have 300 times more information in 2020 than we did in 2005. As companies collect and store more data than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a way to tap into these data reserves…

    supplier vs vendor
    Supply Chain Semantics: Supplier vs. Vendor
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    In the supply chain, is there a difference between the terms ‘vendor’ and ‘supplier’? Both are commonly used terms when discussing supply chain roles and duties, and it’s not uncommon to hear them used interchangeably. As to whether there is a difference worth noting (and how that difference is defined), it largely depends on whom…

    3 Reasons to Attend Specright’s Third Annual User Group
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    Our team is hard at work preparing for our annual Specright User Group conference, held in New Orleans January 21-23rd, 2020.  Each year, we pick a different city with unique character to host User Group. This year, the Warehouse District in New Orleans, also known as Silicon Bayou, is the perfect fit. It’s the hub…

    When Avoiding Blindness Requires Seeing the Supply Chain Clearly
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    Thanksgiving is always a great time to catch up with family and share stories. Growing up, I learned a great deal from my dad and the stories he shared working in the pharmaceutical field.  One of the most memorable stories came up during my holiday visit home. Dad mentioned his neighbor recently reached out through…

    Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
    How CPGs Can Accelerate Speed-to-Market
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    When a new product pops up on a store shelf for the first time, consumers don’t realize the time, cost, and challenges the company incurred to get it there. From product development and testing to manufacturing and packaging, there’s a lot that goes into the creation of a new product. What’s more, the companies don’t…

    New to Specright: Specright Maps, IQ Enhancements, Bulk File Upload, Specright News and More
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    New to Specright: Specright Maps, IQ Enhancements, Bulk File Upload, Specright News and More By Diana Yu Specright is excited to announce several new capabilities and features included in our November 2019 – 4.0 release: Specright Maps, IQ Enhancements, Bulk File Upload, Like Item Finder for all types, Ingredients and Formula Templates, Sub Assembly Relationships,…