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    5 Ways to Make Your Supply Chain Sustainable
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    Aiming for a more sustainable supply chain is an important piece to doing business ethically. But many companies find it’s hard to put sustainability into practice, especially in a way that doesn’t sacrifice speed, quality, or cost savings.  However, the pressure from vendors, partners, consumers, and stakeholders continues to mount when it comes to pushing…

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    What is Specification Management Software?
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    As companies look to digitize supply chains, Specification Management is filling an important gap in enterprise technology  Defining specification management For years, companies managed the data needed to make products in spreadsheets or legacy systems. But growing product portfolios and supply chain complexity made managing and sharing data using outdated methods unsustainable.  Unfortunately, legacy systems…

    Supply Chain Digitization High on the List for Organization Leaders Today
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    Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s never been a greater need to instill confidence in partners, vendors, and end-users through increased visibility via supply chain digitization.  Business leaders are looking to solve these challenges using technology that digitizes practices and processes. In return, this adoption not…

    Integrating Master Data and Production Data to Improve Operations
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    Before the emergence of smart factories and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the division between master data and production data was commonplace and well-maintained. Keeping this data separate prevented the variation often found in production data from disrupting the uniformity needed in master data.  But that was when manufacturing was strictly tangible. Now, companies…

    How to Achieve Supply Chain Visibility in Volatile Times
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    If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that supply chain visibility is a necessity, not a luxury. Panic buying and shifting consumer needs and habits have revealed tons of flaws and inefficiencies throughout the supply chain, leaving retailers and suppliers struggling to respond quickly and continue catering to their customers. The pandemic has…

    How Supplier Collaboration Leads to Better Packaging Development
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    Can the supply chain succeed without strong collaboration? Many businesses that have successfully united all aspects of their supply chain while achieving a sum greater than its parts would argue that collaboration is a must. Collaboration is an opportunity to align your company’s suppliers with its core mission and objectives, ensuring that each moving part…

    Supply chain blockchain
    Specright Announces Blockchain Network to Digitize Supply Chains
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    Irvine, CA, June 26, 2020 — Specright, the pioneer in Specification Management software, today announced the introduction of its new Blockchain Network — the first application of its kind to effectively pass critical DNA-level supply chain data back and forth between brands and their suppliers. “This is going to transform how brands, suppliers and retailers…

    Beauty and Cosmetics
    From Procurement to Packaging: 4 Ways Specification Management Supports Your Beauty Brand
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    In an industry worth $532 billion, beauty companies have plenty of incentive to build a strong brand. In fact, one Nielsen study found that nearly 60 percent of all consumers prefer to buy products from brands with which they’re familiar. Companies can build this familiarity through their marketing, packaging, messaging, and product quality. In a…

    Go Beyond PLM and BOM to Specification Data
    Go Beyond PLM & BOMs: Why Specifications are Key to Ensuring Quality
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    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools have been leveraged by companies in industries ranging from CPG to medical devices for decades. However, their longevity doesn’t mean these solutions aren’t without significant flaws.  PLM was initially designed to address a wide range of issues and factors, with quality being among them. But since PLM solutions aren’t designed…

    How a Digital Thread Can Revolutionize Your Supply Chain
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    The manufacturing industry is on the brink of a paradigm shift, in which companies are trading in investment in physical assets for investment in information. Efforts to accumulate information are catalyzing the shift in the way we produce goods and unveiling a new era: an era of the digital thread.  Defining the Digital Thread But…