Specification Data Management

Created for Packaging

Developed to Manage Ingredients, Formulas, and Finished Goods

Specright offers an enterprise-ready solution specifically designed to manage component specification data. Specright is easy to use, secure, scalable, and easily integrates with your ERP and PLM Software.


Access packaging specs anywhere, anytime. Quickly share specs with customers, vendors, and employees.


Reduce packaging failures by having accurate specs that are standardized and audited regularly.


Specright structures your packaging data and makes it available through powerful reporting and analytics dashboards.

Reduce Packaging Cost

Receive algorithmic consolidation/harmonization suggestions and make decisions based on timely, accurate data.

Specright illuminates packaging blind spots and helps goods-producing companies take back their data.

Our founder, Matthew Wright, has been in packaging for 25 years and is well acquainted with the packaging data problems that plague the entire supply chain. Specright replaces the disorder with technology, offering software with the services of experienced packaging experts.

It’s hard to believe that all the data necessary to manufacture, bid, pack, and ship the 200+ Million specs worldwide is being inefficiently managed at almost every company in the world with spreadsheets and PDFs.

Excel and legacy spec systems are failing under the weight of SKU proliferation. That’s why we built Specright, a web platform where goods-producing companies can take control of their packaging specification data.