Most Product or Packaging Data is Still Managed in Spreadsheets or Shared Drives

    We hear it every day at enterprise and startup companies alike: most critical data needed to make, sell or buy products lives in spreadsheets (or a shared drive or sluggish database if you’re lucky). This results in inefficiencies, wasted resources, and a drain on human talent. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    Specright is a cloud-based platform that enables customers to digitize everything from raw materials, formulas, packaging, and finished good specifications.

    Learn more about how Specright can help you manage specs and orchestrate activities like procurement, product development, packaging, and quality along your supply chain.

    What Sets Specright Apart


    Create, share, & access specs instantly on your smart phone, tablet, & computer


    Compliant, up-to-date, & connected specs across business functions, vendors, & suppliers


    The visibility to reduce costs, create efficiencies, & improve sustainability

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