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Specright is the first purpose-built platform for Specification Management, enabling you to drive efficiencies, sustainability, & profitably across your products, packaging & supply chain with an ROI of 469%.

Specright lets us get time back to drive quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability. More time for innovation, and less time fire fighting.
- Consumer Goods Administrator
I have deployed two instances of Specright to date and both have exceeded our expectations on value to the process and the business.
- Rod P, Johnson & Johnson
Rationalization opportunities have been easy to spot and fix with Specright. We went from 77 different Pallets in North America down to 19.
- Eric S, Dow

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Ready to Digitize Your Supply Chain But Don't Know Where to Start?

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Forrester Total Economic Impact Study: ROI of Specright

A comprehensive report showing the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Specright’s Specification Management platform.


Introducing Specright Network, Powered by Blockchain

Take Specification Management to the next level with Specright Network, powered by blockchain.

Specright Network enables companies to publish specifications, accept new ones, and make updates or changes to specs across internal teams and external supply chain partners.

With Specright Network, companies can drive supply chain traceability, collaboration and better mitigate risk. 

Introducing the Specright Blockchain Network


Why Specification Data Management™ Is The Future Of Supply Chain

In this eBook, we discuss the evolution of supply chain data and how professionals ranging from packaging to procurement can leverage data to drive business outcomes.

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Learn How Different Departments Use Specright

Learn how departments across the supply chain use Specification Management to collaborate and bring products to market


Manage specifications to bill of materials, artwork & labels – and map them together


Manage suppliers and vendors, go to bid, and track the sustainability of your buys


Manage actions like SCARS & docs like COAs & lot codes to the spec level


Track raw materials, report on sustainability and accelerate LCAs

Supply Chain

Create a digital thread through your supply chain with specs


Keep track of artwork & label spec changes & approvals

Today, Most Product & Packaging Data is Managed in Spreadsheets or Shared Drives

We hear it every day at enterprise and startup companies alike: most critical data needed to make, sell or buy products lives in spreadsheets (or a shared drive or sluggish database if you’re lucky). This results in inefficiencies, wasted resources, and a drain on human talent. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Specright is a cloud-based platform that enables customers to digitize everything from raw materials, formulas, packaging, finished good, machinery & equipment specifications.