Drive Sustainability with Specright

Specification Data Visibility to Turn Goals into Action

    Take Action to Make Sustainability a Reality

    With Specright, you can track the sustainability progress you’re making. From reducing or changing materials to verifying material sources, all of your metrics and results are in one place.

    With Specright IQ, you’ll get recommendations on where you can swap out materials for environmental and cost savings.

    Perform material optimization with reporting and Like Item Finder to save costs and identify sources of waste. Then quickly swap out materials using Specright’s Exchange function to minimize the impact on your supply chain.

    Case Study: Managing Packaging & Driving Sustainability with Specright

    As a tech-driven company, Rodan + Fields knew there had to be a better way to manage packaging specifications than in spreadsheets or shared drives. Learn how Specright enabled them to not only manage packaging, but track and identify opportunities to drive sustainability.

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    Specification Visibility Across Your Supply Chain

    When you digitize specs at a granular level, you unlock the potential to analyze material usage across your supply chain.

    With metadata ranging from material type, weight, supplier, product family, and more, uncover the bottlenecks in your sustainability strategy.

    Benchmark Your Current State

    Quickly visualize specifications such as raw materials, ingredients, packaging and more with dashboards & reports to benchmark and track progress over time. Collaborate with suppliers to identify opportunities and quickly make optimizations or substitutions.

    Breakdown reports by supplier, product line, material, and more.

    Infographic: The State of Sustainability

    We surveyed leading brands to understand the state of sustainability. Understand how packaging and product leaders are:

    -Aligning sustainability goals by department
    -Measuring sustainability progress
    -Inhibited by challenges

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    Feature Highlights

    Recommendations with IQ

    Intelligent recommendations to swap out less sustainable materials

    Reports & Analytics

    View real-time or historical trends by location, supplier, and more. Report at the raw material level to benchmark sustainability efforts.

    Take Action with Exchange

    Perform material optimization and trigger bids to swap out old raw materials for more sustainable ones.

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