Drive Sustainability with Specright

To become more sustainable, you have to know where you are to get where you're going.

Benchmark Raw Materials to Track Progress

With Specright, you’ll have visibility into the most granular details across your supply chain – down to the gram level. With this information, you can actually benchmark raw material usage, uncover opportunities to substitute materials, and measure progress over time.

Three Steps to Sustainability with Specright

  • Store specs at a granular level in the cloud  
  • Store relevant metadata and associate to products & families
  • Associate materials to suppliers, vendors, and goods for traceability
  • Benchmark raw material usage with dashboards & reports to identify bottlenecks
  • Visualize trends and progress over time
  • Get IQ recommendations to change materials & identify savings
  • Smart bidding – accept IQ changes and kick off supplier requests
  • Perform material optimization to save costs
  • Identify other sources of waste, such as outdated packaging or ingredients

“Most companies have some sort of sustainability goal – not only is it the right thing to do for the environment, but for the bottom line. But in order to achieve the vision of becoming more sustainable, companies need to know every detail about the products they produce. And today, most of that data is either owned by suppliers or managed in spreadsheets.”

-Matthew Wright, Founder & CEO, Specright

Relevant Features

Recommendations with IQ

Intelligent recommendations to swap our less sustainable materials


View real-time or historical trends by location, supplier, and more. Report at the raw material level to benchmark sustainability efforts.

Take Action

Perform material optimization and trigger bids to swap out old raw materials for more sustainable ones.

Supplier Relationship Management

Controlled document management, communication time-savings.

Workflows and Process Management

Leverage reports and analytics to get insights on quality process improvement opportunities. Manage lot codes for products, ingredients, formulas and other raw materials.

Supplier Scorecard

Real-time visibility into supplier performance + transparency = increased quality & decreased costs.