Supplier Management Software

Our Specification-First Approach Improves Supplier Collaboration & Management

    The Future of Supplier Management & Vendor Management is Here

    The market is demanding more and more of your products – this pressure has strained the relationship between brands and suppliers. That’s why we think the future of Supplier & Vendor Management starts with strong specification management. 

    Specifications are changing faster than ever. Changing regulatory environments, higher SKU counts to meet consumer needs, and desire to be sustainable requires a new approach to supplier management — one that leverages Supplier Management Software.

    SDM Supplier Compliance Interview

    Here’s How Specright’s Supplier Management Software & Vendor Management Platform Works

    Collaborate in Real-Time with Suppliers

    No more duplicating specs across suppliers. With Specright’s Specification Data Management™ platform, suppliers can access a digital, up-to-date specification controlled by the brand. 

    This prevents suppliers from producing out-of-spec products or packaging requirements that might be hiding in email inboxes or shared drives. With everyone on the same page, you can rest assured that the right products are being made. 

    Before Specright

    Supplier Management Software - Supplier Document Management in Specright

    Manage Supplier & Vendor Documentation 

    Contracts, certificates of analysis, NDAs, facility audits – the list goes on. Today, brands – and suppliers – are having to manage an increasing number of documents. Furthermore, the need to have up-to-date and historical copies has made this task unmanageable with existing methods. 

    With Specright Supplier Management, brands can keep track of suppliers and store and manage all relevant documentation tied to the spec-level. This creates unmatched visibility into your supply base. 

    Conversely, suppliers can manage all relevant customer documentation – and again store it to the spec-level so they can focus more on production and less on documentation. Now that’s what we call a win-win. 

    Track Supplier Scorecards 

    The need for accurate reporting across the enterprise is here to stay. With detailed specification and supplier data in Specright, it’s easy to generate a supplier report or dashboard to keep a pulse on your supply chain. 

    Supplier Scorecard in Specright

    Discover New Suppliers & Vendors with VX 

    For Brands

    For brands, finding a new vendor or supplier can mean launching a complex, months-long process. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

    With VX, you can quickly find suppliers that meet your needs – whether it’s by proximity or capability, your new partner is only a click away.

    For Suppliers & Vendors 

    For suppliers & vendors, matching in-house to customer capabilities is usually done with a dreaded RFP. 

    With VX, suppliers & vendors can list their capabilities and get matched with opportunities, reducing the time it takes to find new customers.

    Learn Why Specright’s Approach to Supplier & Vendor Management Is Unlike Any Other

    Traditional approaches to supplier management focus primarily on supplier data. The reality is, that’s only half the picture. 

    Only by linking suppliers to specifications can brands realize the value of supplier & vendor management programs.