What is Specification Data Management™?
Spec data is the foundation to improving overall supply chain processes

Specification Data Management (SDM) Definition

Specification Data Management (SDM™) software focuses on standardizing specs across a supply chain. Specifications include raw materials, ingredients, formulas, packaging, finished goods, bill of materials (BOMs), quality documents and more.

Specification Data Management Enriches Downstream Systems

SDM is the foundation for supply chain systems. When companies implement SDM, downstream systems become smarter and more accurate. As a cloud-based SaaS platform, it’s easy to pass data to other systems and is an ideal single source of truth.

How does SDM differ from systems like Product Lifecycle Management (PLMs), ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), and data visualization tools?

ERPs are financial systems, PLMs are used to build complex products like jet engines, and visualization tools are designed to aggregate data, not structure it. These systems were not built to structure, manage, and share data at the spec level.

SDM enables companies to answer key business questions, such as:

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Learn Why Specification Data Management is the Future of Supply Chain

Specright founder & CEO Matthew Wright defines what Specification Management is, the trends driving it, and how companies are using SDM to drive business outcomes.

This talk was given at PACK EXPOs Innovation Stage in October 2018. PACK EXPO is the premier conference for packaging suppliers and manufacturers.

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