Monitor quality across your supply chain

Fewer defects and quality issues, all information in one central location, and easier supplier communication. Whether you are modernizing your process from spreadsheets/handwritten notes or integrating an existing Quality Management System, enjoy the benefits of reporting and interconnected data.

Track Quality at a Glance

With Specright, it’s easier than ever to keep a pulse on quality across your supply chain. Attach quality documents to specs, track defects across facilities, and trigger corrective actions – all within Specright.

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Relevant Features

Quality Module

QA data is automatically cross-referenced with specifications to save you time.


View real-time or historical trends by location, supplier, and more. Report on any outstanding action item due from a supplier such as testing, quality checks and samplings.

Document Control

Attach all critical quality standards, ISO certs and COA’s for quick reference and reporting. Store all QA testing protocols and procedures.

Supplier Relationship Management

Controlled document management, communication time-savings.

Workflows and Process Management

Leverage reports and analytics to get insights on quality process improvement opportunities. Manage lot codes for products, ingredients, formulas and other raw materials.

Supplier Scorecard

Real-time visibility into supplier performance + transparency = increased quality & decreased costs.

Common Concerns

I already have a Quality Management tool

Great! We encourage you to integrate that tool with Specright. You’ll now be able to see all historical Quality and Spec details in one location.

We don’t have computers where we do our QA checks

You can enter the data into a form on a phone, tablet, or write it down and transfer to Specright later.

We manage all the data in Excel

Incorporating our platform will not only give you real time access to quality data, but make the data actionable in case of a failure or recall.

We don’t really want to involve our suppliers

Supplier feedback on Specright has been overwhelmingly positive. Give access to suppliers to collaborate on KPI’s that they need to improve on.

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Can I customize the QA form to match our current reports?

Yes, all forms are customizable to your needs and our team will build them for you.

Can I store non-conformance reports and other documents?

Yes, you can store any documents and connect them to individual components, finished goods, and supplier records.

Can you control CAPA/SCAR or Recalls?

Yes, we can incorporate corrective action workflows to alert and kick off a program for supplier to resolve issue. With added traceability, one can run reports to get insights on all outbound product affected.

Life without Specright

Life with Specright