Easily create, share, and access specs instantly

Stop wasting time looking for specs on your computer, scanning PDF’s for dimensions, and spending half your day emailing about some packaging detail. Specright’s Packaging Specification Software saves your company money while saving you time. Now you can spend your days designing innovative packaging and increasing the speed to market of your products.

Access Your Specs Anytime, Anywhere

With Specright, you can access your specs on the go and rest easy knowing you’re working off the latest version.

Instantly view, edit, or share specs with suppliers and vendors, attach quality records and track customer complaints at the spec level, and visualize packaging trends to proactively identify risks and minimize impact.

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Learn about Specification Data Management and how it impacts packaging across the supply chain.

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Relevant Specright Features


Structure, print, purchasing, logistics, where used, and more


What’s our annual PET usage? What products use this specific label? All of that and more at your fingertips

Document Control

Attach all technical drawings, print cards, and certifications for quick reference

Like Item Finder

Find similar existing items in seconds based on dimensions, style, and more

Supplier Relationship Management

Enable your suppliers to enter specs directly and share all pertinent information in a centralized location

Workflows and Process Management

Route approvals and receive alerts

Common Concerns

It is going to take forever to get my specs on Specright?

We take care of that for you! Our implementation team of packaging engineers and technical Specright experts take your data and documents in any format. They do the heavy lifting and train you on the system.

My upper management isn’t going to approve a new system?

We will work as a team with you to prove the ROI to your management. Typical customers get a 5-10x ROI in their first year. And we can integrate with any other systems to ease their concerns.

Packaging Survey

Specright surveyed 127 packaging professionals in an effort to learn more about the state of the industry, including software preferences, pain points, and the ideal technology support for packaging professionals. Click below to review and analysis of our findings.

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Can we use Specright for more than packaging?

Yes, the backbone of Specright enables you to store everything from raw materials and ingredients to formulas and finished goods. Most of our customers use Specright to manage their Bill of Materials.

How do I get started?

Let us set you up with a pilot account with your specs. That way you can feel the difference for yourself and it’s a smooth transition to becoming a customer.

Life without Specright

Life with Specright