The Tool You Need to Protect Your Brand

The Tool You Need to Protect Your Brand

Specright’s Specification Data Management solution lets marketing professionals take control of artwork to retain brand equity. Truly protect the brand by ensuring the latest approved artwork is used both internally and with all suppliers.

Specright’s unique solution supports marketing professionals to create approved materials for new product launches or line extensions, as well as so-called simple label or barcode changes across product lines.

Single Source of Data:

Having structural data & die lines in the same location as print details & artwork files ensures that all departments are on the same page as your marketing team and the latest marketing specs are used throughout the company.

File Support:

All files are directly attached to any specification: artwork, die lines, print details, giving marketing quick access to necessary information to create print cards and other artwork.

Digital Approvals:

Configure and execute standardized approval processes for specifications, artwork, and more.

Dashboards and Reporting:

Easy to prepare reports give transparency into areas such as specifications by status, artwork by color.


ensure proper routing to all stakeholders, including regulatory/legal to secure final approvals. Helps you make sure the latest approved artwork versions are used at all times.

Version Control:

Revision and accurate version control and detailed change history gives clear visibility for auditing purposes. Only the latest specs are available for use by external vendors.

Vendor Management:

Specright includes communication/sharing tools to quickly give document access to Print houses, 3rd party design agencies and vendors. Your team will increase efficiency with suppliers through our Supplier Exchange Portal, while accessing approved specs in one centralized location.