Reducing SKU Proliferation with Specright

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      SKU Proliferation without Specright

      How often do you ask or get asked for a new item that you know is similar to one of your existing products? Do you just create a new design or do you spend hours scouring PDF’s and emailing your suppliers looking for an existing specification?

      SKU proliferation caused by retailer and consumer demand is only increasing the frequency of this scenario. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the necessary data to find existing similar items at your fingertips?

      Reducing SKU Proliferation with Specright

      The Specright platform enables you to search & find similar items within a few seconds. Need a shipper that is 3’ x 4’ x 6’ that can support a 50 lb product? Use Specright’s Like Item Finder and you’ll find matching specs in seconds. Time saved + faster product speed to market = increased revenue.

      To reduce SKU proliferation with Specright, contact us today!