Artwork and Label Annotation & Approvals

Keep track of artwork and label annotations and approvals - all tied to specifications for greater visibility

Label Artwork Optimized

Digital Artwork Annotation

With the rise of personalization and design as a differentiator, managing artwork and labels is more important than ever for brands.

Take the stress out of design reviews with Specright’s Artwork Annotation tool. Edits on creative can sometimes get lost in translation, but by making comments on design files – using our free form digital pen, text overlays, or annotation boxes – your feedback is captured as intended.

This means less back and forth with your team and more hours spent on design.

Artwork Annotation Optimized

Accelerate Artwork Approvals

Email-based artwork approvals can get lost in inboxes. With Specright, you can define an artwork approval flow to ensure that departments and partners are on the same page. As tasks are completed, the next person in line to review is automatically assigned and alerted. This results in faster approvals and less errors.

You can also rest assured that new creative has gone through the appropriate channels – and can look at approval history to identify bottlenecks in the creative process.

Audit Your Brand to Protect Brand Identity

Keeping track of your brand across channels is hard enough. With Specright’s advanced reporting and dashboards, you can quickly visualize key elements such as color usage, material type, and logos across your brand portfolio.

Spot something wrong? You can quickly drill into dashboards and find an exact spec that might be out of brand compliance.

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Feature Highlights

Recommendations with IQ

Intelligent recommendations to swap out less sustainable materials

Reports & Analytics

View real-time or historical trends by location, supplier, and more. Report at the raw material level to benchmark sustainability efforts.

Take Action with Exchange

Perform material optimization and trigger bids to swap out old raw materials for more sustainable ones.

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