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What is Specification Management?

Packaging is being disrupted, and companies are looking to specification management to stay competitive. Currently, many companies house crucial data in spreadsheets and legacy systems, resulting in inefficiencies across the board. Proper spec management begins with capturing the DNA level data of products and supply chain activities, then using that data to revolutionize the way we do business.

The packaging and supply chain industries are abandoning inefficient processes  due to poor spec management. Educators are turning to Specright to teach students how to drive results before even entering the workforce.

Who We've Worked With


Michigan State University

PackSight In Action: Michigan State University Case Study

With remote instruction becoming a reality over night, Michigan State University professor, Patrick McDavid, needed a solution to digitizing his packaging testing coursework. Enter ISTA PackSight, powered by Specright, one of the first the digital testing platforms. Learn how McDavid was able to deliver an educational experience closer to what students may face in industry, all on PackSight.

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Slide What our students and teachers say “Hopefully I get to use Specright in the workplace in the future.” Packaging Student, University of Wisconsin - Stout Slide What our students and teachers say “There's a level of detail needed in packaging testing reports that the templates out there don't capture like PackSight does.” Packaging Instructor, Michigan State University Slide What our students and teachers say “With Specright, creating specs does not have to be a long and strenuous process.” Packaging Student, University of Wisconsin - Stout


University Wisconsin - Stout

Specright In Action: University of Wisconsin – Stout Case Study

The industry is becoming increasingly digital, but packaging students typically don’t receive much education surrounding data management. Robert Meisner, the Packaging Program Director at University of Wisconsin-Stout, saw an opportunity to break the cycle with Specright. Meisner teamed up with Milwaukee Tool to create an end-to-end packaging engineering project, fully managed on Specright.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with packaging and food science programs, but are open to working with other programs that also deal with specification management.

We provide access to the Specright or PackSight platforms, student support, and training. We have 24/5 customer service and can quickly answer questions as they arise, just email us at specright.support@specright.com or packsight.support@specright.com!

We train professors in the system and do a live or recorded video for the class, covering the importance of specifications, what an SDM platform is, and how to use Specright. We also have training videos on our website for additional support.

Contact our Academia Lead, Danielle Goad at danielle@specright.com. We look forward to hearing from you!