Meet the Interns! Featuring Xingguang Pan
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Meet the Interns: Xingguang Pan Specright is proud to offer internships to students who not only want to learn more about the packaging industry but have the desire to get hands-on experience at a company that is changing the way Consumer Goods and Manufacturing companies are doing business. Meet Xingguang! Xingguang is a Packaging student…

What do packaging professionals want?
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We thought, “why don’t we just ask them?” So, that’s just what we did. See the highlights below and download the full report here. Download our e-book for free.

Specright Collaborates with ISTA on Online Platform
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Specright Collaborates with ISTA on Online Platform Specright uses its technology expertise to develop new, innovative packaging testing platform for Industry-leading International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Irvine, May 30, 2018 – Specright, a leading provider of SaaS Solutions for specification data management, announced today its collaboration with ISTA to develop a dynamic online test planning…

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Sustainability with Specright Green. Environmentally friendly. Sustainable. Everybody wants their packaging to be better for the environment. But do you know if it actually is? With Specright, you’ll know right away… Retailers, consumers, and regulatory bodies are increasingly requesting this transparency into everything from packaging waste to recycled content. In Specright, you can track all…

Specright: Then & Now
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Specright: Then & Now Specright was founded a few years ago with the bold vision to eliminate the inefficiencies due to poor packaging specification management. We had a goal of standardizing specifications and a mission to create an easier way to store, share, and analyze packaging data. Since our launch in 2015, we’ve made huge…

Reducing Failures Through Audits with Specright
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Reducing Failures Through Audits with Specright For sourced products (e.g. packaging, ingredients, chemicals), most professionals will admit that the spec they have access to often does not match the actual product being produced today by their suppliers. This can cause major issues in your supply chain, especially with your customers. If the immediate costs aren’t…

Quick Cost-Savings with Specright
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Quick Cost-Savings with Specright Whether its cutting cost/time to increase speed to market, or identifying cost-savings in purchased materials, companies want to save $$$! The catch is that you must have access to accurate, up-to-date data in order to execute strategic cost-savings initiatives. Which leads to this scenario without Specright… And this scenario with Specright… Specright enables…

Specright Sponsors Long Beach Grand Prix
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Specright Sponsors Long Beach Grand Prix It wont be hard to find the Specright logo at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach this Friday through Sunday, April 13th – 15th. The Specright logo will adorn over 3,000 packages to contain waste (trash bins) in order to do our part in keeping Southern CA beautiful.…

Reducing SKU Proliferation with Specright
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SKU Proliferation without Specright How often do you ask or get asked for a new item that you know is similar to one of your existing products? Do you just create a new design or do you spend hours scouring PDF’s and emailing your suppliers looking for an existing specification? SKU proliferation caused by retailer…

“Spec Drift” Effects Business Efficiency
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“Spec Drift” Effects Business Efficiency By: Matthew Wright Spec Drift – it sounds like something that goes on at a ski resort. However, Spec Drift is in fact the shifting of an element or elements from an intended product specification. Commonly, a spec can drift so much that the original intention is nowhere to be…

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