Specright | Cutting-Edge Packaging Specification Management
Specright is a best-in-class, enterprise packaging specification management solution. PLM, ERP and even spreadsheets are not optimized for managing packaging specifications, but Specright is.
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It’s Time To Take Control

Whether you’re operating in food & beverage, produce, manufacturing, FMCG/CPG, medical, or any industry reliant on accurate specifications, Specright empowers cost reductions and efficiencies by giving you full control over your specifications.

Easily share to keep your community in sync

Specright instantly connects your internal and external stakeholders, keeping them up-to-date on the latest specifications.

  • Manage workflows to assign tasks, secure approvals
  • Reduce returns/recalls from incorrect specs
  • Securely share specs and reports with anyone needing access

Quickly take action with real-time analytics

specright’s powerful analytics and dashboards enable fast analysis of data to identify tangible consolidation, reduction, and optimization.

  • Report on packaging waste and sustainability goals
  • Reduce costs by identifying like size SKUs
  • Reduce overall SKU amount through existing packaging analysis

Streamline & accelerate sourcing needs

Specright lets you get your house in order so you can streamline and accelerate any bidding process.

  • Reduce costs with supplier flexibility & quick transitions
  • Faster time to market with detailed, accurate specs
  • Confidently negotiate with additional suppliers

Improve quality with intelligent 3-point auditing

Specright’s intelligent 3-point audit process improves quality and reduces non-conformities. Regular audits keep your specs compliant and confirm your product matches the certified spec, ensuring accuracy and minimizing returns and recalls.


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