It’s Time To Take Control

Managing and designing packaging specifications requires the best packaging software that is designed specifically for managing packaging. specright’s standardized cloud-based technology, is changing the way product packaging specifications are shared, analyzed and audited. specright empowers cost reductions and efficiencies by giving you full control over your packaging specifications..

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The Cost of Chaos

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When there is no standard packaging solution for managing and sharing packaging specifications, routine events become expensive, time-consuming and disruptive. specright delivers a solution for managing packaging specifications.

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How Much Can specright Save You?

The total number of packaging specs for your organization or the total for a given category, product line, or bid event.
Enter the total spend amount based on the number of packaging specs entered above.
The total number of production employees for your organization or location.
Typical bid savings target is 5%, specright produces greater returns for all targets.
Please check appropriate boxes to receive a more detailed report
Based on industry averages, results may vary.

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