Getting your packaging specs into Specright is simple and fast with our 5-Step Easy Implementation. We take your assets – in whatever format – from any sources – and produce accurate specifications so you’re ready to roll on day one!


Helping you take control of your specs is what we do and keeping them compliant is part of that process. That’s why regular audits are part of the deal when you’re a Specright customer. Our team performs intelligent audits to determine root cause for packaging failures and to proactively reduce non-conformities.


Specright offers an enterprise-ready solution designed to manage component specification data. Our software has over 40 pre-built commodity templates that give you control over structural, print, purchasing, quality, BOM, and logistics details. Our team is composed of technologists and packaging experts with deep domain expertise. Specright is easy to use, secure, scalable, and integrates with your ERP and PLM Software.


Access packaging specs anywhere, anytime. Quickly share specs with customers, vendors, and employees.


Reduce packaging failures by having accurate specs that are standardized and audited regularly.


Specright structures your packaging data and makes it available through powerful reporting and analytics dashboards.

Reduce Packaging Cost

Receive algorithmic consolidation/harmonization suggestions and make decisions based on timely, accurate data.


Goods-producing companies around the world use Specright to make faster, better-informed decisions by transforming static specification data into real-time data.  Specright’s web-based specification data management solution gives companies the power to manage their packaging specification data in real-time, giving them the leading edge in business.

Accelerate Time to Market

Move faster with a simple point of truth for spec data and remove confusion by getting everyone to speak the same language.

Track Approved Specs & Artwork

Securely share specs & reports with internal and external stakeholders keeping them up-to-date on the latest specifications.

Increase Efficiency

Manage automated approval workflows to assign tasks and secure approvals to ensure the latest approved artwork versions are used.

Create BOMs & Spec Groupings

Get a clear view of all packaging BOMs and their components. Get SKU, BOM, and logistics information right at your fingertips to save time.


Reduce the risks associated with outdated or unauthorized specs.

Keep Specs Compliant

Minimize returns and recalls by keeping specs compliant with easy to execute audits. Maintain certified specs.

Find Root Cause

Perform faster root cause analysis with approval history, traceability for changes/revisions.

Improve Quality

Reduce time and resources required to perform audits means more audits can be performed in a faster timeframe.

Full Audit Trail

Easy to communicate/request audits to suppliers. Develop checkpoints based on business rules and standards.


Quickly take action with real-time analytics.

Built-In and Customizable Reports

Powerful analytics and dashboards enable fast analysis of real-time spec data. Create useful reports to share with management.

Like Item Finder

Find similar specs to help drive packaging optimization, consolidation or harmonization projects and reduce unnecessary or duplicate specs.

Spend Analysis

Slice the data any way you want. Drill into annual spend by vendor, brand, division, location, material type and much more.

Executive Dashboards

Pre-set, easy-to-ready dashboards provide fast visibility into trends and ways to reduce costs.


Take control of your sourcing to reduce costs.

Take Control with Vendor Management

Treat your specifications and packaging like the valuable assets they are. Stop paying again and again for similar assets from different suppliers.

Increase Supplier Flexibility

Bring new suppliers on board faster and easier with accurate specifications. Develop and manage workflows for RFQ/approvals.

Negotiate Confidently with Suppliers

Increase flexibility to secure multiple bids from multiple suppliers. Quickly and efficiently share specs many more suppliers to ensure the best pricing options.

Improved Vendor Management

Dramatically reduce time needed to prepare packaging bidding/RFQ. Get your product to market faster by providing suppliers with detail, accurate specifications.

Analytics & Reporting

Real time analytics and reporting lets you slice and dice your data any way you need for management.

Bill of Materials

Create connected BOMs and sub-assemblies complete with all specification data for clear visibility.


Authorized users can access the data anywhere, anytime from any internet-connected device.


Ready to use and ready-made dashboards quickly display your data in an easy to understand way.

Digital Approvals

Configure and execute standardized approval processes for specifications, artwork, and more.

Ease of Use

A clean and easy to use interface means everyone can use the system with little to no training.

File Support

Attach directly to any specification and view thumbnails for artwork, die lines, quality reports, etc.


Specright has open API’s based on industry standards for seamless integration to your ERP, MRP, or PLM.

Like Item Finder

Quickly search for similar items for consolidation, harmonization or duplication reduction projects.

Pre-Built Templates

A wide range of standard packaging commodity templates makes it easy to get up and running quickly.


A Global Search bar at the top of every page delivers instant answers and makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Single Point of Reference

Specright is built on a single point of record, so data is stored only once, reducing redundancies.

Specification Creation

Bulk upload your specifications from any CSV file. Create new specifications with 1-click cloning.

Specification Records

Standard layout includes details on structure, print, logistics, palletization, inventory, suppliers, etc.

Supplier Management

Seamlessly share specs with external suppliers and partners to communicate changes and execute bids.

Universal Access

Give specification access to the people who need it, when they need it.

Version Control

Accurate version control and detailed change history gives clear visibility for auditing purposes.


Generate workflows with automatic email routing and task assignments that comply with company processes.