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Built on the Most Trusted Cloud-Computing Platform

Built on the Most Trusted Cloud-Computing Platform

Document management and collaboration tools are not the answer for packaging data.

Specright’s Specification Data Management solution is built on, making it easy to use, secure, scalable, and easily integrates into any tech stack.

Transform your company by using a SaaS solution that gives you the flexibility and adaptability at a much lower cost than traditional enterprise software solutions.


Built on the most scalable, reliable, and secure enterprise cloud platform in the world (, Specright boosts better than banking level security – your specifications are safe with us. Read more about our security:


Specright is hosted in the cloud, eliminating infrastructure burdens, no downloads or installation needed, plus upgrades are easier and faster.

Easy Integration:

Most open, flexible platform for integration.

Read more about our APIs: and data integration

Cloud-based Accessibility:

Users (Both internal users & external partners) create a login and immediately have access, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Highly Scalable:

Specright is built to handle an unlimited amount of specs, suppliers and users.

Read more about how we scale.

Increased Flexibility:

Gain much greater flexibility to respond to industry change by using resources delivered over the cloud. Helps your organization “future proof” its business.

Easy On-Boarding & Implementation:

Getting your packaging specs into Specright is simple and fast with our 5-Step Easy Implementation. We take your assets – in whatever format – from any sources – and produce accurate specifications so you’re ready to roll on day one!