Specification Data Management for Retail
The Visibility You Need to Optimize Operations

    Trends Driving Change in Retail

    For retailers, a lack of product and packaging data can result in warehouse delays and empty shelves. The growing need to compete with online-first retailers and cater to the changing tastes of the millennial consumer is also adding pressure.

    For retailers to compete in a digital era, they need to move beyond legacy systems and processes that inhibit innovation.

    With Specright, we take care of managing the accuracy and visibility of critical supply chain data. This means you spend less time on data gathering and more time perfecting your product assortments.

    Quality & Documentation
    Materials, Formulas & Ingredients
    Purchasing & Procurement
    Packaging Specifications

    Proactively Manage Packaging

    In retail, it’s all about optimizing the planogram, improving retail allocation, and streamlining how goods move through supply chains. When a vendor’s packaging deviates from the expected, it can create tremendous challenges in the supply chain from distribution centers to the shelves.

    With Specright, you have access to packaging specs in one place, so you have visibility into accurate specs and are proactively alerted if a vendor changes a design before it hits your network.

    Reduce unproductive inventory from packaging issues
    Reduce the need for DC steps like Cubiscan
    Increase accuracy of weight and dimensions

    Control Raw Materials, Ingredients, Formulas, & Product Data

    With the growth of private label brands as a differentiator for retailers, the ability to manage specifications in one place is critical.

    With Specright, you have visibility and control over formulas, ingredients, raw material, and other product specs. Seamlessly push this data to meet regulatory requirements and have confidence in the accuracy of your data.

     Reduce incidents related to mislabeling
     Increase speed of product development
    Increase traceability and mitigate recall risk

    Streamline Purchasing

    When it comes to retail, it’s critical that buyers, planners, and allocators are on the same page. Many retailers have vast supplier networks that fill their store shelves, which can create a web of suppliers that can be difficult to manage.

    With Specright, you can quickly onboard new suppliers, manage documentation, and even quickly create an order to buy additional products. With Specright, you can focus less on paperwork and more on analyzing the performance of your assortment.

    Improve supplier – and product – data
    Mitigate issues & minimize time out of stock

    Optimize Inventory Management and Allocation

    As retailers continue to balance online and offline inventory, being able to have a holistic view of inventory by product specs becomes critical.

    Whether you’re looking for VMI, shipping schedules by supplier, or standard pricing tables, Specright helps you take control of inventory.

    Increase product visibility through the supply chain

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