November 2019 Product Release

    New to Specright: Specright Maps, IQ Enhancements, Bulk File Upload, Specright News and More

      New to Specright: Specright Maps, IQ Enhancements, Bulk File Upload, Specright News and More

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      New to Specright: Specright Maps, IQ Enhancements, Bulk File Upload, Specright News and More

      By Ravi Gandhi

      Specright is excited to announce several new capabilities and features included in our November 2019 – 4.0 release: Specright Maps, IQ Enhancements, Bulk File Upload, Like Item Finder for all types, Ingredients and Formula Templates, Sub Assembly Relationships, and Specright News 

      Thanks to a great deal of valuable feedback and insights from users, our platform has added a robust catalog of functionality to help everyone harness the power of Specification Data Management™.

      Specright Maps

      You can find all of your locations based on a specific address or city. Locations can be displayed within a map or list view, including suppliers, customers, distribution centers, subsidiaries, and partners. You can also easily toggle between the map and list view when scheduling travel routes for upcoming trips.

      There are many more enhancements planned for Specright Maps in the near future.

      Specright Maps

      Map View With Location Pins

      Bulk File Upload

      You can now easily upload multiple files at once for any item or spec. This will save you time and clicks when dealing with multiple images, documents, or files.

      Specright Bulk Upload

      Bulk Upload In Progress

      Like Item Finder for all types

      In addition to corrugated, you can now find similar items that already exists within your dataset for all specification types. This can help reduce the number of specifications for flexible packaging, ingredients, formulas, labels, and other types. This feature eliminates the need to create multiple items from scratch or manage several duplicate specs throughout your process.

      Like Item Finder Specright Screenshot

      Like Item Finder Used For Similar Packaging

      Ingredients and Formulas templates

      Standard templates are now available to use when creating a new ingredient or formula. You can also easily track allergens, claims, shelf life, and other attributes specific to ingredients and formulas.

      Formula Template With List of Related Ingredients

      Specright IQ Enhancements

      Did you know that opting for minor changes in packaging materials can save significant costs and increase sustainability? Our Analytics IQ can provide the total estimated savings by suggesting alternative materials as well as benefit analysis of the tradeoff options.

      Analytics IQ Savings

      Specright IQ Recommendations

      Analytics IQ Specright Screenshot

      Save to IQ Groups

      Sub Assembly Relationships

      Those using sub assemblies in their products can now use Specright to easily build relationships to other parts. With the ability to visualize the hierarchy, you can quickly connect and track what parts make up the sub assembly as well as which Finished Goods use the sub assembly.

      Sub Assembly Specright Screenshot

      Associating Sub Assemblies

      Specright News

      Stay informed whenever Specright releases new product features, blogs, and training webinars. You can now keep up to date within Specright on the latest Specification Data Management news and white papers.

      Specright News Screenshot

      Specright News View

      Specright Quality Dashboard

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