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    Specifications are an Important Part of the Industrial Internet of Things
    IIoT Prevents Downtime, Specifications Enable You to Fix Your Machines
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    In an ideal world, manufacturing machines would work perfectly around the clock without needing maintenance or repair. In the real world, every manufacturing facility leader knows that downtime for your machines is an inevitability.  One advancement that is poised to change maintenance schedules and patterns for the better is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).…

    Smart Factory
    Why Specifications are the Foundation of a Smart Factory
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    Smart factories aren’t just the future of manufacturing — they’re also defining our present operations.  In 1913, Henry Ford revolutionized factories of his time with the first moving assembly line. Now, just over a century later, we’re on the brink of another major expansion and improvements in how products are developed, manufactured, and transported.  Manufacturers…

    Granular Specification Data Can Spur Product Development
    4 Ways a Granular View of Specification Data Spurs Product Development
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    What’s involved in an effective product development plan? Companies may be surprised to learn that success in this area often has more to do with their people and processes just as much as their technology.  Whether you’re developing a new type of drink, snack, or household gadget, product analytics matter. Intelligent use of data is…

    Go Beyond Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainability
    Accelerate Life Cycle Assessment with Specification Management Software
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    What is the total environmental impact of just one product or its package? How about all of the products you produce within a given year? Answering these questions can seem unfeasible, given the multiple factors that influence a product’s environmental impact. Many of these factors may not have crossed your mind, while others you are…

    Beauty Manufacturing Specifications
    Specification Data Management and the Beauty Industry: 4 Takeaways from Forrester Research
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    Consumers are demanding more from beauty products than ever before. Especially with younger generations, there’s an increased emphasis on the importance of transparency, social responsibility, and sustainability. Added to this are the ongoing and rapidly-increasing challenges of cosmetic industry changes and innovations seen by all suppliers and producers.  Beauty companies who understand the need to…

    Supply Network Importance Header
    How Manufacturing Companies Can Enable Remote Work with Specright
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    Over the past few weeks, companies across the country have struggled to find ways to enable remote work while continuing day-to-day business operations as the COVID-19 outbreak, commonly known as the Coronavirus, has created unprecedented challenges in all areas of our personal and business lives.  In an attempt to limit the spread of the disease,…

    Supply Chains and Coronavirus with SDM
    The Coronavirus is Disrupting Supply Chains – Companies Can Use Specification Data Management to Mitigate the Impact
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    In my role as a marketing leader, I get to spend time out in the field talking with customers across industries and functions. I always ask the same question: what is keeping you up at night? Lately, there has been a resounding theme: the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on global supply chains and it’s keeping…

    Tech Laptop SDM ROI Report Image
    Forrester Releases ROI Report on the Economic Impact of Specright
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    Forrester, the technology market research company, recently completed a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of Specright’s Specification Data Management™ (SDM) platform. The study provides an in-depth financial analysis of the cost savings and ROI by companies using Specright. With a rapidly changing supply chain landscape and an increased focus on consumer demand, SKU proliferation, sustainability,…

    Beauty Cosmetics Blog Image
    Exploring the Relationship Between Specification Data Management™ and Quality Assurance in the Beauty Industry
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    The global beauty industry was estimated at $532 billion just two years ago and is expected to increase to over $800 billion by 2023, according to market research. This represents a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 7.1% between 2018 to 2023. New trends are driving change in the category, such as the entry…

    Medical Devices Image
    3 Ways Specification Management Software Supports the Medical Device Industry
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    I’ve seen firsthand the impact that medical devices have on people and their loved ones. In 1975, advancements in hip and knee replacements enabled my dad to walk again after being bed ridden for years from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  The medical device industry continues to boom and change the lives of people. Thanks to a…