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Why Retailers Need Product Data Management for Private Label Products
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The push for private label products is evidence of the current era of personalization. Personalization creates a level of exclusivity, something more than what can be found and purchased just anywhere. Retailers are taking note of consumer preferences for personalization, exclusivity, and value, and using it to their advantage by giving their own private label…

Matthew Wright Nominated for Best Small Technology Company CEO
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Irvine, CA August 19, 2020 — Specright’s Matthew Wright was announced as a finalist for the Best Small Technology Company CEO, in Octane’s High Tech Awards series.  “It’s a huge honor to be considered for this award,” said Wright. “To me, this is a reflection of the entire team and the culture we’ve built.” Before…

Smart supply chain
Is Your Supply Chain Smart and Sustainable?
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As technology gets smarter, so do all of the components, processes, and industries affected by it. The goal of adopting smart technology is to enable a better way to share information in real time to aid in collaboration. This often takes the form of automation and AI, but it can also include the unification of…

Quality Management Systems are Broken
Is Quality Management Broken?
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Is Quality Management Broken? Why the typical approach to quality management doesn’t fit today’s digital age Here’s how a typical approach to quality management works. Step One. Discover a problem. Step Two. Document it. Step Three. Start contacting everyone involved until it’s resolved (I should note, it usually takes more than three steps to fix).…

New Research Highlights Specification Management Supply Chain Opportunities
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Today’s consumers are a unique breed, demanding more specialized products that cater to their tastes and needs as well as greater transparency into the products they buy. Although many companies have been quick to pivot to growing consumer expectations, the result has left a trail of fragmented data and proliferated SKUs that organizations struggle to…

5 Ways to Make Your Supply Chain Sustainable
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Aiming for a more sustainable supply chain is an important piece to doing business ethically. But many companies find it’s hard to put sustainability into practice, especially in a way that doesn’t sacrifice speed, quality, or cost savings.  However, the pressure from vendors, partners, consumers, and stakeholders continues to mount when it comes to pushing…

specification management
What is Specification Management Software?
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As companies look to digitize supply chains, Specification Management is filling an important gap in enterprise technology  Defining specification management For years, companies managed the data needed to make products in spreadsheets or legacy systems. But growing product portfolios and supply chain complexity made managing and sharing data using outdated methods unsustainable.  Unfortunately, legacy systems…

Supply Chain Digitization High on the List for Organization Leaders Today
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Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s never been a greater need to instill confidence in partners, vendors, and end-users through increased visibility via supply chain digitization.  Business leaders are looking to solve these challenges using technology that digitizes practices and processes. In return, this adoption not…

Integrating Master Data and Production Data to Improve Operations
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Before the emergence of smart factories and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the division between master data and production data was commonplace and well-maintained. Keeping this data separate prevented the variation often found in production data from disrupting the uniformity needed in master data.  But that was when manufacturing was strictly tangible. Now, companies…

How to Achieve Supply Chain Visibility in Volatile Times
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If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that supply chain visibility is a necessity, not a luxury. Panic buying and shifting consumer needs and habits have revealed tons of flaws and inefficiencies throughout the supply chain, leaving retailers and suppliers struggling to respond quickly and continue catering to their customers. The pandemic has…