Specright solves data access problems with fantastic search

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    Is finding packaging specs a treasure hunt? Have you ever created a new spec instead of spending all that time searching for an existing item? Specright can help make that a thing of the past with Searchability. Watch a quick demo video on Specright’s Search Tools. You expect instant answers when you’re searching. Specright solves…

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    Hit or Miss: How Package Design Can Impact Your Company Performance

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    In the past few years, recent innovations in consumer package design have brought success to bold companies that made the decision to implement them. Everything from aesthetic appeal to sustainability has been taken into account, and successful implementation has brought tangible rewards for such companies in their respective industries. For example, the cosmetic company Pangea…

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    Reducing SKU duplication fast and easy

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    Has product development or marketing ever asked you for a package for a new product and you create it from scratch, only to find hours later that you previously had created the exact same package? Ugh. Within packaging departments, this is a common and inefficient exercise of recreating the wheel. SKU proliferation caused by retailer…

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    Can your company take a hit of over $100m in lost sales due to an FDA recall? No? Read this…

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    Every month, dozens of food products are recalled in the US. A quick scan of the FDA website provides anyone with an overview of headlines to read: Whole Foods Market Recalls Mislabeled Asparagus, Pea and Ricotta Salad Due to Undeclared Allergen, The Caramel Factory, LLC Issues An Allergy Alert, or Let’s Talk Health, Inc. Issues…

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    Dramatically Reduce Packaging Bid Time

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    Bidding is one of the most critical aspects of your packaging procurement, opening the door for tremendous cost-savings and long-term packaging supplier relationships. However, it is often a long and chaotic process. On average, preparation for a packaging bid takes more than three months. If you ask most suppliers, even after all of that prep,…

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