Go Beyond Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainability

    Accelerate Life Cycle Assessment with Specification Management Software

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    What is the total environmental impact of just one product or its package? How about all of the products you produce within a given year? Answering these questions can seem unfeasible, given the multiple factors that influence a product’s environmental impact. Many of these factors may not have crossed your mind, while others you are…

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    supplier vs vendor

    Supply Chain Semantics: Supplier vs. Vendor

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    In the supply chain, is there a difference between the terms ‘vendor’ and ‘supplier’? Both are commonly used terms when discussing supply chain roles and duties, and it’s not uncommon to hear them used interchangeably. As to whether there is a difference worth noting (and how that difference is defined), it largely depends on whom…

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    SDM Tablet Spec Data Management

    Specification Data Management vs. Product Data Management

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    Specification Data Management™ (SDM™) is relatively new in manufacturing, but its impact is already earning notice. Going above and beyond traditional product data management systems, Spec Data Management provides a single source of truth for DNA-level data that can be shared across departments and organizations to ensure seamless production, intelligent procurement, and optimized transportation along…

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    “Spec Drift” Effects Business Efficiency

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    “Spec Drift” Effects Business Efficiency By: Matthew Wright Spec Drift – it sounds like something that goes on at a ski resort. However, Spec Drift is in fact the shifting of an element or elements from an intended product specification. Commonly, a spec can drift so much that the original intention is nowhere to be…

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    Specright Introduces Innovative Packaging IQ Feature

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    Specright Introduces Innovative Packaging IQ Feature IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Specright, a leading provider of SaaS Solutions for specification data management, announced today a significant update to its platform. The new IQ feature leverages machine-learning algorithms to uncover cost-saving opportunities that are immediately actionable to its customer base.  Specright’s platform is made for companies that…

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    Why Managing Data at the DNA Level Maximizes Efficiency

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    Managing data at the DNA level maximizes efficiency -by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO Matthew WrightFounder and CEO of Specright Products and packaging were around before computers, so it only makes sense that most data captured today starts above what I call the “DNA level” of products. Since manufacturing existed and information was documented…

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    Knowing What You Have Enables Sustainability

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    Knowing what you have enables sustainability -by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO Matthew WrightFounder and CEO of Specright The conversation and drive to be green/sustainable is a critical item on the priority list impacting everybody’s future. Those that want to be change agents are having a hard time gaining meaningful traction and are finding…

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    Reflections from Pack Expo 2017

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    Reflections from Pack Expo 2017 Now that the dust has settled, here are the trends and themes we heard at the world’s largest packaging trade show 29,000 attendees convened in Las Vegas for Pack Expo from September 25-27, 2017 Packaging professionals are tired of old software systems and incomplete information. Suppliers want to be on…

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    Packaging: Turning a liability into an asset

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    Packaging: Turning a liability into an asset -by Matthew Wright | Founder & CEO Matthew WrightFounder and CEO of Specright Packaging can be an asset in lowering your costs and increasing speed to market. Buyers of packaging agree that packaging costs too much and the process is too complex. Vendors agree that they don’t make…

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    Packaging Survey Results

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    Packaging Survey Results In September of 2016, Specright surveyed 127 packaging professionals in an effort to learn more about the state of the industry, including software preferences, pain points, and the ideal technology support for packaging professionals. Below is a review and analysis of our findings. 1) What are your biggest packaging concerns today?  …

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